Educational Foundation

Board of Directors

The Kantara Initiative Educational Foundation, Inc Board of Directors comprises founding Directors Allan Foster representing ForgeRock Inc (President) and Robin Wilton representing ISOC (Secretary). Angela Rey was appointed as an independent Director later in 2018 (resigned in May 2020), while Kay Chopard Cohen and Salvatore D’Agostino were appointed in 2019.


Allan Foster, President Kantara Initiative Educational Foundation
ForgeRock Vice President Community – 
Allan is currently VP Community at ForgeRock Inc.As one of the founders of ForgeRock, he has helped build ForgeRock into a multinational Identity Management software vendor with offices on four continents. Having served in multiple positions during its startup, Allan is now responsible for leading the worldwide ForgeRock community. This includes the contributing developer community, as well as the representation of ForgeRock on multiple standards committees.

In the twenty years prior to ForgeRock, Allan founded and ran a successful small consulting business focusing on the Identity Management space, with clients all over the world. With a small and dedicated staff, Guru Associates built a reputation for delivering projects on time, and under budget. Allan is a sought after speaker at international technical conferences where he has spoken on various technical topics.

Internet Society (ISOC)

Robin Wilton, Secretary/Treasurer Kantara Initiative Educational Foundation
Director, Internet Trust, on the Internet Society’s Trust and Identity team. He is a specialist in digital identity, IT security and public policy, with almost 30 years experience in systems engineering, consulting and industry analyst roles. Robin was at IBM for 12 years, joined Internet start-up JCP Trustbase in 1997, and spent 8 years at Sun Microsystems following its acquisition of JCP. After leaving Sun, Robin set up and ran an independent consultancy, then joined Gartner Group as an analyst on privacy, PKI and federated identity. In 2012 he joined the Internet Society.

Robin has a reputation for translating complex topics between technologists, business-people and policy-makers. His particular interest is in how social constructs such as identity, privacy and trust are mediated through technology. His technical outreach activity includes work with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), IT vendors and higher education consortia. He also contributes to policy work through bodies such as the Council of Europe and the OECD, where he is a member of the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) and a regular contributor to the proceedings of the Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital Economy.



Angela Rey (ex Officio May 8th 2020)

Angela Rey currently serves as a Director in the Financial Management practice of Trilogy Federal – a Washington, DC based technology consulting group.  She is a subject matter expert in federal accounting and internal controls, and financial policy.
Ms. Rey has over 25 years of management experience in the public and private sector including Budget Director with the British Foreign Office and Vice President of Finance at Sonitrol Security.  She has served in various board and oversight roles with responsibility over organizational audits, financial operations and reporting.




Kay Chopard Cohen

Currently the president of Chopard Consulting based in Northern Virginia, Ms. Chopard has more than 35 years’ experience in executive leadership in business and nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C.  She has a reputation as a transformative leader who has led organizations through launch, transition, and sustainability to deliver aggressive results.  She is committed to achieving success through courageous management practices by leveraging organizational strategy, structure, and culture to reach goals and optimize results.  Ms. Chopard excels at building networks and collaborations and is accustomed to getting a seat at the table where she is known to “lean in” with clarity of thought, vision, and enthusiasm. Ms. Chopard has recently accepted the position of U.S. Ambassador for the Women in Identity organization and brings her devotion and expertise to the leadership team to further encourage women in the identity field and the broader tech industry. Ms. Chopard is also an attorney and has practiced at the local, state, and national levels of government before leading several international nonprofit organizations as executive director.


Sal D’Agostino

Salvatore (Sal) D’Agostino is founder of IDmachines and co-founder of OpenConsent. A serial entrepreneur, Sal’s work has covered the US Capitol and Pentagon security systems, EZ Pass and numerous intelligent transport systems, 100+ industrial automation systems and security, privacy, access control and ID programs, projects and products around the globe. 

Sal has appeared on NBC Nightly News, gives industry event keynotes and speaks internationally at events including RSA, Gartner, ISC, Identiverse, and others. Sal has long been and is active in standards for physical and logical security, e.g. currently partnering with SIA in providing training and education for the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). Other recent examples include serving as Chair and Secretary of the Kantara Leadership Council, past President and Chairman of the Board of the IDESG, as well as on other corporate and non-profit Boards.

Sal has a patent in sentient displays, an AB from Harvard College and collaborated with Ha Ha at the Hyde Park Art Museum and MassMOCA. And among other things a happily retired member of the Mystic River and Potomac Athletic rugby clubs.

Mary Ellen Condon

Mary Ellen Condon is the Director of Condon Associates, focused on supporting Law Enforcement, Health, Public Safety and Homeland Security organizations to more effectively integrate information technology and cyber security to enhance agency mission delivery. This is facilitated through identification and collaboration with appropriate partners, understanding of Federal Government regulations and priorities, and agency objectives and constraints. Mary Ellen was Delegate at Large on the Board of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) 2016- 2018.